Designed by: Fabula Branding, Belarus.

The product is the Belarusian grown high-quality potatoes. The goal in trademark development was to emphasize the manufacturer’s diligent approach to the business, create an image of a selective and grown with love product, and differentiate the product on the shelves.
We had no doubt that the brand will be nationally oriented: Belarusians are famous not only for their love of potatoes but also for their knowledge, experience, expertise in growing and preparing this product – work that had become a sacred tradition for many generations.
The Belarusian name Babina Leta” (Indian Summer in English) tells of a beautiful period in the early October when for a few days or sometimes for a week, summer returns – a period at the end of the potato harvest.
The main style-forming elements of the design concept are black and white photos of brand characters – grandmothers from villages as carriers of tradition, experience, knowledge and love. Their images support the name and together with it reflect the main ideas of positioning – true knowledge and sincerity. Importantly, the photos taken by the agency’s photographer did not include any actresses, but real Belarusian housewives in their daily lives, those related to the cultivation and preparation of potatoes. Names and portraits of grandmothers on packages become the real promise of high-quality of the product. And to further emphasize the idea of expertise, we created a package filled with information, showing helpful potato characteristics, recommendations for cooking different types and including recipes of established traditional dishes.
Laconism and minimalism of black and white photos create contrast with a rich background color and a pattern on the “Indian summer” theme. This adds expressiveness to the packaging and sense of premium quality. Like refined typography, the featured area for the food zone along with the author’s badges are portrayed in the engraving style with the use of infographics.
The visual build-up is carried out with the background color and brand-characters – different grandmother recommends a different type. As a result, a fresh and original solution for the product category made it possible to draw attention to the new product and successfully distinguish a brand among its competitors.

Babina Leta (Indian Summer)

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