Designed by: Amoth

Task: to create a label design for iced coffee.
Papa’s Coffee is a recently created Czech brand of alcohol-free coffee beverages based on black coffee without any artificial additives. The product’s primary feature is its boosted strength, which allows it to achieve the highest stimulating effect. The product’s potential customer base consists of people who lead active lifestyles
(e.g. car drivers), everyone who’s constantly in motion but is reluctant to consume energy drinks.

Presence of a character in the brand’s name was impossible to brush aside in the process of developing the brand, so a sassy middle-aged man was chosen as the product’s mascot. Papa is a reliable man. He’ll give you a hand if you feel tired. He’ll make sure you won’t fall asleep while driving. He’ll make your morning brisk and he’ll fill you with enough energy to last the whole day. His eyes are affable and jovial, while his hunky arms indicate a sturdy and healthy body. That’s exactly the character whose image would enable the product to communicate with the customer right from the store shelf. A person who takes Papa’s Coffee from a shelf, has already started talking to Papa 😉
Moreover, a concept of Papa changing his outfit on the label in accordance with the drink’s various flavors was developed for brand’s subsequent evolution. Papa is an open and versatile guy who’s not embarrassed by his appearance, and looks great in whatever he’s wearing at the moment.





Papa’s coffee

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  • November 29, 2018
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