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Danke founder’s family started the first chocolate factory in Brazil, in 1892. It’s a brand born with more than a hundred years of tradition in the making of chocolate and the modern notion of respect for the environment and respect for those who cultivate cacao. Danke is committed with making the best possible chocolate: it’s delicious because it’s bean to bar from the finest cacao, it’s produced with high technology, compromised with fair trade, family agriculture and child labour free.
Inspired by Danke’s strong focus on family heritage, it’s commitment with family agriculture and child labour free, we worked the Easter packaging around the concept “From our family to yours”.
For the adult flavors, we developed custom vintage style illustrations inspired by Easter postcards from the end of of 19th century. The brand honors their farmers families partners by representing them as rabbits in cacao farms and putting them on center stage.
For the kids flavors we searched for great impact on shelves with custom illustrated close-ups of cute rabbits, We looked for a playfull and simple image that talked directly to consumers meters away from the shelves.
The illustrations style combined with golden foil and the pastel brand colors brings the family’s European tradition, craft and care necessary to produce a premium chocolate. It’s a  premium experience that incorporates the brand’s story.


Danke Easter 2022

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