Agency: Nômada
Illustration: Arth Studio


Label design for Barbera wine from Vinícola Panceri.
The use of screen printing, hot stamping and textured paper add value to the limited edition wine. The back label is designed using the same special paper and finishes as the label, keeping the same look and sophistication needed in a premium product.

The label evokes the passage of time and seasons, crucial for the production of good wines. The unique illustration created with a brush that simulates graffiti shows a clock and the four seasons – Pri, Est, Aut, Inv in their Italian abbreviations – with mountains in the background. The golden hands are positioned between summer (Est) and autumn (Aut), when the grape harvest and wine production take place. The illustration also shows the wine running down the clock forming the base of a glass.

In addition to these elements, each bottle has an edition number and year of production, highlighting its exclusivity. In the 2020 harvest, only 1700 bottles were made.


Panceri Wine Label

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