Hunted & Gathered are dedicated to providing high quality, environmentally friendly goods for those who care about what goes into and onto their body.
“Paleo Chocolate is our 45g raw chocolate bar made by hand with all organic ingredients. Our chocolate packaging was designed with the idea that the person eating it wouldn’t feel right just throwing the box away. We wanted to make something that they would want to keep and not hide it in the back of their pantry.”
“We also wanted to try to make the packaging stand out from the traditional chocolate available, and for it to play a role in the overall experience. We don’t want our customers to just buy our chocolate, we wanted to offer them a lot more than that and the packaging is what helps us do that. Its part of the experience.
The box is made from 95% recycled board printed with vegetable inks and every bar is hand wrapped and packed. Sustainability is always on our mind, especially with packaging. We’re always looking for more sustainable materials as they emerge and become available.”
Designed by Morgan White, Australia.
Paleo Chocolate
Paleo Chocolate 2
Paleo Chocolate 3
Paleo Chocolate 4
Paleo Chocolate 5
Paleo Chocolate 6

Paleo Chocolate

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