Owl’s Brew is the first ever tea crafted for cocktails. Our challenge was standing out both from the tea category, and from the mixer category. The approach of our designer, Renata Sviridova, was to create a very clean, stylish, matte black bottle and pitch-black label with sketched in whimsical elements and details, such as the icons for each SKU.
Owl’s Brew is fresh-brewed and micro-batched from all-natural, whole ingredients. We already had an owl image that we wanted to use for our logo, as the owl represents wisdom and the consumer knowing what they are putting into their body. Renata incorporated this owl, and there is also a tipsy owl on the side, under spirits-pairing recommendations.
A tea for cocktails is a totally new category, and it was important to us that the label and collateral material be very clear, while still representing the fun and delightful nature of the brand.
Designed by Renata Sviridova, United States.
Owl's Brew4
Owl's Brew3
Owl's Brew2
Owl's Brew

Owl's Brew

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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