Designed by: Super Brand Consultants, Portugal.

Novarroz is a Portuguese agriculture and food company.
Their main product is rice in all its stages – from the whole agricultural process, to processing and selling of the product. Novarroz has a great presence on the international markets, from where it gets most of its revenues.
Unable to make the leap into more current branding and packaging choices, they chose us to start their rebranding process and redefine their communication strategy.
For this project we were asked to design three new packages for three new rice varieties. These products are an excellent value for money so it was necessary to design a packaging line that would help define the brand positioning in the POS.
Each one of the packages has its own concept based on the origin of the product, but the three, together, have a common graphic and conceptual denominator. The illustrations were designed to capture and emphasise the richness of the look and feel that each country has. They all have a similar grid/layout that allows to keep them recognisable as a set, but which also lets each one of them build a specific imaginary and story. At the same time, the name, defined by us, also appeals to the origin of the different rice varieties.

Novarroz: Origins

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