Nike is the worlds leading supplier of athletic cloths and footwear
in the world. Finding a new product that Nike is missing in there marked. Nike has not done the big step on products that are good support for all muscle groups. Out if research I found out that Nike is missing support for there athletic. So this is a new product that will provide protection for all muscle groups, so you get the opportunity to always be able to exercise without pain.
The outcome for the elastic sport tape name is “Nike AID support”.
“Aid” means help, with help, support or relief. The overall look and feeling I was working to create is strong, clear and simple. The thought I have behind the design outcome is that I would have a symbol that will be recognizable and it is the shape from what “sports tape” has.
Designed by: Vilde Roenning, Norway.
Nike Aid Support Tape
Nike Aid Support Tape2
Nike Aid Support Tape3
Nike Aid Support Tape4
Nike Aid Support Tape5
Nike Aid Support Tape6
Nike Aid Support Tape7
Nike Aid Support Tape8
Nike Aid Support Tape9
Nike Aid Support Tape10
Nike Aid Support Tape11
Nike Aid Support Tape12
Nike Aid Support Tape13

Nike Aid Support Tape

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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