Agency: Leanndra Leah Christopher


Butter Up is a dessert brand that specializes in pastries and baked treats. It offers from freshly-oven baked pastries to cool, chilled confectioneries such as tarts, cakes, macarons, and confectioneries. Butter Up has everything you need to create the sweet ending to your food journey to satisfy your dessert cravings.

The pandemic impacted all sector seriously and affected people by this new change of environment. However, Butter Up wants  to enlighten consumers to have the high tea experience in the comfort of their homes alongside with family to spread positivity in this new normal.

The design concept is to give a taste of happiness as the world now can be overwhelming with all the changes that is happening. As the design is towards a friendly and calm mood, with a subtle touch of using flower illustration drawn by me, as my design, to symbolise that flowers has an immediate impact on happiness, and that’s what we need right now in our lives.


The Teascape

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