Designed by: Fabula Branding, Belarus.

Fabula Branding: a new brand of premium pelmeni by “Myastechka”
Product – different types of pelmeni, which include only meat, flour, water, salt and natural seasonings, to advantageously differentiate them from most competitors. The line includes new original offerings: unusual black-and-white and yellow-pink dumplings for gourmet products. The visual and verbal attributes of the brand emphasize the excellent quality and premium nature, creating an image of a high-quality natural dish created by the professional chef.
Name ” Myastechka” with the first syllable “meat” (in Russian) hints at the meat component of the product, and causes associations with the quality inherent in local or domestic producers – made responsibly and with love. The idea of organic nature is extended with the wooden texture of the background. The infographic icons and photo illustrations of the main ingredients capture consumers’ attention on “open” content and are also taste markers, together with a bright titled strip, serve a visual build-up function. The composition of the product is not only written, but also shown on the reverse side of the package as an important buying motivator for the target audience.
A large contrast brand zone with the logo “Myastechka” draws attention to the name, increasing the recognition of the trademark. The packaging solution recommended by the agency creates a memorable distinction on the shelf. The modern, stylish and effective appearance of trademark successfully solves the problem of effective introduction of a new product to the market.


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