Mountea is a packaging project made for Chinese tea.
With thousands of years history, traditional Chinese tea has its unique culture and characters. I want to seek an appropriate way to show its beauty to the young generation.
After careful research, I finally chose “mountains” as the point. Almost every type of tea comes from different mountains in China. Mountain itself could be regarded as a symbol for the type of tea. For example, long Jing, the most famous green tea in China, comes from Hangzhou province. As the result, we could find the sense of peaceful, gentle and mild when taste it, just like standing at the front of a cute mountain and hazed by mist in the morning.
There are nine different types of tea in the produce, with an illustrator of the mountea of its original location. The user could pick any one they like and set it onto the edge of a cup.
Then just enjoy your special tea time.
To meet the interest of young people and deliver the culture of Chinese tea as much as possible, I also made an H5 which people could watch during the time they enjoy the tea.
The pages introduce the basic knowledge of the tea, and will tell you how to make them in a correct way.
Designed by: Iris Tian, China.


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