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In 2016, a local tea company started its production. The brand gained the name Mountea ( tea from mountains ) because tea leaves are collected from the highest mountainous regions of Armenia. Picked and made by hand, Mountea serves authentic flavours and is made from organic ingredients that are free of artificial flavourings, colors or additives.
To create the product, the founder of the company toured through the mountains of Armenia to choose the best tea from classic to exotic blends. In 2020, the client approached us to create a premium line under the new brand concept.

The design has been developed for two tea types: loose leaf and tea bags. Loose leaf packaging has illustrations of fruits or leaves that are harvested and vested right into the package.

For the tea bag type, instead of a tea bag, a fruit or a leaf is tied to a string. A slogan “from highlands to your cup” has been developed, which compliments the name and shows the main function of the company.
The freshness of the tea is reflected in the packaging, which is white and clean and with individual hand drawn illustrations.


Mountea Tea Collection

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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