Package Design 4 / Spring 2013
/ Constraint
Revive & rebrand an existing spirit. Design for a revolutionary & evolutionary label. Focus on the origins of Barbados & the history of rum. Finish project in 4 weeks.
/ Create an obstacle
Redesign an existing label and packaging for a spirit of your choice through an evolutionary and revolutionary design.
/ Seize the limitations
Every great story begins with a time and a place. For Mount Gay Rum, that time and place was the Caribbean Island of Barbados in 1703. Keeping this in mind, I created a new graphic for Mount Gay that rejuvenated that brand image and label through the revolutionary and evolutionary design. Through each label I wanted to focus on price point, audience, and the celebration of the year 1703.
Designed by: Jasmine Sharpe, San Francisco, CA, USA.
Mount Gay Rum
Mount Gay Rum2
Mount Gay Rum3
Mount Gay Rum4
Mount Gay Rum5
Mount Gay Rum6

Mount Gay Rum

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