Moka Instinct is a new coffee drink, made from original coffee infusion mixed up with carboned water. Soda Studio has been charged to design the identity of the product, developing a communication language, starting from the packaging. Our objective was to visualize the natural burst of flavor of this new beverage experience, which is placed in a premium position in the beverage market. 
Designed by: Nicolò Bertoncin, Italy.


With this, we’ve developed an artwork that aims to communicate the three plus of the product:
Refreshing / Natural infusion / Burst of flavor

Moka Instinct3

The packaging is developed using a shrink wrap that allowed us to make the bottle itself as an artwork, with a really deep visual impact.

Moka Instinct4
Moka Instinct5
Moka Instinct6
Moka Instinct7

Moka Instinct

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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