For this project I was given four compaines to chose from (Peelz-Juice, Moxie-Soda, Apex-Vodka, Big Top-Wine) and had to pick one to create labels for three different flavors of the beverage. Each was also given a style and target market in which Moxie was to be a nostalgic, classic soda that would cost a little more than a mass marketed beverage and would target an age range from twenties and up. I wanted to go along with the simple style of advertising from the twenties through the sixties while also giving off a feel that when you held the bottle you felt liek you were in an old soda parlor which is why I stuck to three seemingly nostalgic flavors. I also emulated vintage Volkswagen posters for my advertisement with a bold, simple, and honest tagline, “Try something new.” Hope you enjoy the project!
Designed by: Andy Smith, USA.
Moxie Moxie2

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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