ASGARD branding agency created a trademark and package design for a new milk based carbonated drink in the Russian market. The agency has been tasked to develop the brand concept and name as well as visual identity and a series of labels for the five SKUs.
Not a stranger in the Asian market – this fizzy milkshake or milk lemonade – cocktail is a relatively new product in Russia. with a rich, pleasant taste – the drink quenches thirst for both children and adult alike. Given the specificity of the product, as well as the large age span of the target audience, ASGARD have offered a short, easy to pronounce and easy to recognize name.
The main visual element of the package are simplified illustrations of fruits, which are placed behind a smiling trademark, giving the product line a friendly, fresh look that attracts attention at point of sales. Large, bright fruit on the packaging makes it easier for consumers to navigate between flavors.
Designed by ASGARD, St.Petersburg, Russia.

MIO Carbonated Milk Shake

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