Visual Personality is the “persona” of a person translate into form. It evokes the same emotion as the corresponding personality.

In this project, I have to carry out a range of culinary product packaging that represent the personality and philosophy of Ming and bring out the essence of her.

My Bosom Friend, Ming loves cooking. She learns to cook since she was small. She can prepare many types of cuisines. This series of packaging is positioning as young, confident and stylish. It is modern and simple.

Everybody can cook if you want to. Cooking can be very easy with Ming spices.

Designed by: Wang AiJia, Malaysia.


Ming Spices

Ming Spices2

Ming Spices3

Ming Spices4

Ming Spices5

Ming Spices6

Ming Spices7

Ming Spices8



Ming Spices

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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