A packaging design project I did last year.
It is a packaging for a microSD card with integrated SD-card adapter. It folds from a single sheet of carton, and only has to be printed one-sided for environmental and budgeting reasons.
This MicroSD card packaging allows the customer to load his/ her photos directly onto the MicroSD card before he/she even opened the package.
The lower part of the packaging serves as a MicroSD to SD converter.
The customer just needs to tear it off and plug it into the SD card slot of the computer.
After all necessary files (pictures, photos, contacts, etc.) are loaded onto the MicroSD card, the customer just needs to release the MicroSD card from its adapter by simply pressing against the marked spot. The MicroSD card pops right out and is ready to be put into the mobile phone, tablet-PC, or any other device.
Designed by: Daniel Brunsteiner,  Austria.
MicroSD 1
MicroSD 2
MicroSD 3
MicroSD 4


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Featured on Package Inspiration
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