Metta Skincare is a range of natural skincare products with an environmental and social consciousness. Using 100% natural ingredients and established relationships with local and international artisan producers, Metta Skincare is more than just a product range. It is a conscious lifestyle choice that leaves its customers feeling good about their skin and the earth.
We worked closely with the founder Anca on developing the Mettā brand and packaging, ensuring the product stood out from other natural skincare products on the shelf.
Considering the environmental impact of the packaging we sourced a unique tree free paper-stock for the labels made from recycled lime stone. Business cards and swing tags were letterpress printed by Hungry Workshop on 600GSM Cotton stock.
To emphasise the natural ingredients in the products, we art directed and styled a photoshoot inspired by food photography that highlighted the source of the oils and natural essences.
Agency: Pennant,  Australia.
Designer: Spencer Harrison, Mike Nguyen, Scott Kirkman
Client: Mettā Skincare
Photography by Mark Lobo
Mettā Skincare
Mettā Skincare2
Mettā Skincare3
Mettā Skincare4
Mettā Skincare6
Mettā Skincare7
Mettā Skincare8

Mettā Skincare

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