Design for series of semisweet wines “Mei Wein”
Label design for trade mark “Mein Wein” was a certain impersonation of client’s idea. This brand was developed specifically for the German market, and «Mein Wein» – translates from German as ‘My wine’. The basic concept lies in spelling of the word «Mein», which is mirrored in a glass of wine and turns into the word «Wein». Also, it was required to withstand the final design in a modern style.
During the process of design development, the main emphasis was placed on the, so-called, “form factor”. Label differs with its form, on the glass is not just an image (picture), but on the contrary – the label itself takes the form of a glass. Internal filling, namely the gradients breakdown, is quite smooth and modern. The same applies to selected fonts for the text content.
Using advanced technologies of printing, in particular – the application of tactile varnish and embossing, resulted a deserving implementation of customer’s idea.
Designed by:
43’oz – Design Studio
Alex Kodimsky, Moldova
Mein Wein
Mein Wein2
Mein Wein3
Mein Wein4

Mein Wein

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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