Designed by: BOLD BRANDS
Creative Director: Motiejus Gaigalas
Head of Design: Vytenis Petrusevičius
Creative team: Vytenis Lukošius, Žydrūnas Šlajus

This year we are continuing the tradition of handmade limited edition packaging design workshop for our client gifts. The decision to make this kind of workshop came to our minds back in the 2015. And the idea stays very much alive in 2020.

Nobody could deny that this year little bit different all over the globe. So selection of our gift content is lightly different too. This year it must remind all of us of everything that is truly important in our lives. So instead of wine we chose quite forgotten beverage which was particularly popular in Northern Europe back in a day. This drink comes to be a traditional honey mead. To make end of the this year just a little bit sweeter.

Inspired by Christmas spirit we developed a packaging which would encapsulate the idea of naturalness and craft. Instead of dominant graphics the texture itself of simple cardboard was selected which oftentimes is necessary only during product shipment. Decision was not to cover the natural beauty of the cardboard and only to enhance its bold mesmerizing look by small neck label indicating its contents and small logo of our agency.

Simple, minimalistic, natural.

MIDUS – Honey Wine. Handmade limited edition

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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