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We were approached by the manufacturer of an innovative product. This is a toothbrush with replaceable bristles. The kit consists of one handle and 4 replaceable bristles, this is enough for a year of use, when replacing the bristles every 3 months (following the recommendations of dentists). We were faced with the task of developing a simple, at the same time informative packaging that quickly and clearly tells about the product inside. Why is plastic packaging used? A short extract from the study, which was addressed, sorting out the question: “Paper bags decompose faster than plastic, but wood is needed for their production, and in the process 17 times more water is consumed, five times more energy and 1.8 times more fossil fuel. At the same time, paper bags are less often reused, often torn and dirty.” The client decided that it would be more rational to make a packaging case so that, for example, when you went somewhere, you took your brush with you, and did not use disposable ones in hotels. In this scenario, the benefits of plastic packaging are much greater, as it further reduces excessive consumption, and therefore unnecessary emissions. The bristles themselves are German-made, fully recyclable plastic is used. Now the brush is available in two colors, interesting collaborations and color solutions are planned.

We have developed a minimalistic and functional packaging design, which depicts the product itself and its main USP. The case is made with a zip lock and is designed for long-term use, it can be taken on trips and stored spare bristles. Light beige color supports communication about the environmental friendliness of packaging and reasonable consumption. The thinnest film possible is used so that more finished packaging is obtained from a smaller amount of plastic. On the reverse side there is all the information about the advantages of the product and comparison with a set of conventional toothbrushes.

Despite the fact that the product is new and there is no mass advertising, the product sells well on marketplaces and has many reviews. Average customer rating 4.8 points


Make clean toothbrush

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