Designed by: Nômada
Illustrations: Arth Studio


Pizza boxes designed for Paperizza, a super young and modern pizzeria from Petrópolis / Rio de Janeiro. During ideation, we had the idea of ​​using illustrations all over the box and spreading information like phone, website and social media through the layout, connecting this information with the illustrations when possible. The result is a box with a super vivid color, which according to the founder of @paperizza has been a great success: “The feedbacks on the packaging are always 10/10”.
Packages for pizzas of 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 cm were created and also a package for slices. The illustrations were also used on the pizzeria wall and in all communication materials.
Everything at Paperizza is designed to bring your customers the best pizza experience, both for on-site consumption and delivery, it couldn’t be different when it comes to the packaging.


Cool Pizza Box

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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