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McDonalds, in the better M programme, has outlined 5 priority areas that the company is going to take more action; Packaging and recycling, climate action, beef sustainability, youth opportunities and commitment to families. The Brief is to redesign a happy meal package that uses sustainable materials, reducing plastic and waste materials, yet maintaining the functionality of the original packaging. The Happy meal toy should be a sustainable play object. To teach children about environment through an informative storytelling theme that aligns to McDonalds core value.

The current Happy Meal box does not have enough space for the drink and toy, therefore using up more paper bags and packaging per order. The original packaging is also single-use and does not serve any purpose which turns into trash after consumption.

This Happy Meal is redesigned to remove all plastic packaging and plastic toys. Educational elements like infographics and AR elements are printed on the undersides of the packaging, making it educational and interactive. The Happy Meal toys and display animals can be used to interact with the packaging – which does not waste any surfaces of the packaging and eliminating single-use packaging that turns into trash after consumption.

It aims to maximize packaging materials as the outer sleeve and inner box can be printed on one paper that is easily folded and assembled into the packaging without glue. This packaging is also bigger and more compact to fit in the nuggets, fries, drink, toys and other components, all in one box, that prevents wasting more packaging materials.

Fun, bright & colourful colours are used to create interesting illustrations and compositions of plants and flowers in the magical forest. Helping children see the beauty and uniqueness in nature, forests, trees and plants.


Magical Forest: McDonalds Happier Meal

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