Design by: Tom Jueris

Lor Du Maroc
The mystic culture of Morocco is rich with tales and stories of sage women and men who use all what nature gives to enrich their lives and the lives of people around. And Morocco is a land rich with unique and amazing flora that centuries of experience made people use these natural treasures to reveal their beauty.

Argan, Black Seed, and Prickly Pears are but some of the bounties of nature that are plentiful in Morocco, and are used by Moroccans everywhere.

LDM provides you with the purest and most sustainable argan oil right from it’s source in the hilly southern region of Sous in Morocco made the same way these wonderful people pressed and made this oil for thousands of years.
Not only that, but we are proud to provide you an oil that is pressed, bottled, and packed in Morocco. And every bottle of LDM products helps sustain and enrich the way of life of the hard working ladies of Moroccan Atlas tribes.

The Objective
To develop a brand visual experience that brings Lor Du Maroc to the top of the Argan Oil game.

The Solution
A Brand to showcase a visually simple touch of moroccan beauty – an elegant way of moroccan gold.
For the brand identity, organic and high-end components were mixed with classical materials mainly
inspired on maroccan pattern. The Symbol on each packaging component represents the product.
The logosymbol gets its inspiration from a maroccan church.


Lor Du Maroc

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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