Design by: KOREFE
Creative Director Design: Christian Doering
Designers: Foekje Fleur, Katharina Ullrich

How to clean a whole ocean while you clean your house.
CLEAN THE OCEAN is a biodegradable household cleaner that not only avoids plastic waste but also helps to remove it from the beaches and the oceans.
The cleaner itself has no unique features. But its packaging and its sales idea make it unique:
It’s the only household cleaner that also cleans beaches and oceans.
Selling biodegradable cleaning agents is good. Selling it in plastic bottles is bad.
To reduce plastic waste it comes in fine porcelain, clean lines and modern design, classical shaped  bottles that may be easily refilled or be used as vases when empty. The colours of bottles reflects the marine ecosystem: coral, blue, seaweed and turquoise. And a large amount of the revenue goes to the CLEAN OCEAN PROJECT, which removes plastic waste from coastlines and the sea.
CLEAN THE OCEAN enables the customer to behave sustainable by using a biodegradable household cleaner.
And it helps them to display their green attitude and to become evangelists by using the empty bottles as vases.

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