These are product icons I designed for a client that needed them for a limited edition incense cones packaging. I tried to depict smoke and lightness on the icon since it was for incenses which involves smoke and the product is called Living Light. The client provided me with the product, bottle options, label dimensions and the layout she was already using for her other products and that I needed to follow – fonts were picked by client. My task was to come up with a design for the product, which were incense cones. Since I very much so romanticize the idea of incense, I had fun with the project. The client was open to all my suggestions. I added poetry excerpts from the poet Rumi because I wanted to give a certain feel to the product. When I went to the client’s studio, she had all these little things that she collected, I saw these little gemstones that she had tucked away. I thought that they would be a perfect addition to the packaging. So I asked her if I could incorporate them into the packaging concept and she agreed. Voila! The end results are below!
Designed by: N. P. Rogers, USA.
Living Light Incenses
Living Light Incenses2
Living Light Incenses3
Living Light Incenses4
Living Light Incenses5
Living Light Incenses6
Living Light Incenses7
Living Light Incenses8

Living Light Incenses

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