Gaumenkitzel Deli
I was challenged with developing a fresh identity and packaging system for a local deli. I was immediately drawn to a family-run German eatery and bakery with a quirky personality that I knew would be a fun space to dive into.
When I visited the business, I spoke with the staff who told me that their bread was central in their vision for the restaurant. A carousel horse suspended from the ceiling caught my eye and upon asking about it I learned that it was a treasured family heirloom.
After learning that the business owners had a soft spot for nostalgia and food that warms the heart, I decided to draw inspiration from vintage German decor and incorporate hand-created graphics into the visual system. The carousel horse was a perfect accompaniment to this system and made its debut on their beer bottle.
Designed by: Alyson Payne, USA.
Gaumenkitzel Deli
Gaumenkitzel Deli2
Gaumenkitzel Deli3
Gaumenkitzel Deli4
Gaumenkitzel Deli5
Gaumenkitzel Deli6
Gaumenkitzel Deli7
Gaumenkitzel Deli8
Gaumenkitzel Deli9

Gaumenkitzel Deli

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