Les Bocaux de Mamie (Granny’s jars) is a french brand about organic babies food, created in Aix-en-Provence by Camille (the daughter) and Marie-Hélène (the mother). The dishes are homemade from fresh, local and seasonal products. The ambition of the brand is to develop the taste of babies through many flavors while respecting their nutritional intake requirements. For Les Bocaux de Mamie the meal do not have to be a constraint but a moment of sharing with your child.

The identity had to reflect the diversity of the dishes offered and associate the meal with a joyful and positive moment. The packaging highlights the recipe in a very colorful typographic composition. Stickers signage is made up of minimalist drawings that are understandable to babies. These drawings have both practical used to indicate the age at which the potty is intended but it is also a playful medium of communication to create a relational link between the child and the parent.

The baby food recipes are declined in five age, from 5 to 18 months. To distinguish the range, I created a series of illustrations that represents the different child ages. In most cases, the more a child grows, the more hair he has, and the less he gets dirty. These distinctive characteristics are used on the kawaii faces of the jars.

Designed by: Cabaroc, France.


Les Bocaux de Mamie

BDM-ambiance 02

BDM-ambiance 03

BDM-ambiance 04



BDM-color scheme








Les Bocaux de Mamie

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