The inspiration from this project came when I was asked about the politics of good packaging. For the “little guy” mom and pop shop who want to offer a unique brand identity but by no means have the budget to hire professionals to give them the bells and whistles. With this entire line I used simple, accessible, sustainable materials that were easily duplicated and when put together created a strong brand. Although this project in particular was made following this revelation for a school assignment, I did go on to apply these principles with many small business owners I had been in touch with.
Designed by Alyssa Walker, United States.
Additional Credits: Lauren Kinkade project photography.
Casa de Vaca
Casa de Vaca1
Casa de Vaca2
Casa de Vaca3
Casa de Vaca4
Casa de Vaca6

Casa de Vaca, Mexican Deli

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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