Leaves with Life is a new tea brand. They are coming out with a line of high-end loose leaf tea packages. The packages focus on the place of origin of each tea flavour. The colour the package uses reflects the place of origin and the atmosphere of the landmark on each package. Each package has a window showing into the package, showing the customer what the tea leaves look like. The window in the shape of that landmark in each scene, to present where that tea came from. All the typefaces used are different to continue to represent the packages place of origin. On the back is the full colour to further present the place of origin on the back. The back also has info on the history of the tea. There is also info on how to steep the tea.
Designed by: Aidan Boileau, Canada.
Leaf Tea
Leaf Tea2
Leaf Tea3
Leaf Tea4
Leaf Tea5
Leaf Tea6
Leaf Tea7

Leaves with Life Loose Leaf Tea

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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