Designed by: Fabula Branding, Belarus.


Modern pet food market features a lot of strong brands. The customer’s task was to launch a new trademark named DOG&MAN and focused on functional dry dog foods, and to make it distinguishable.

The majority of competitors emphasize classic dog images in their design concepts. This is why we focused on the relations between the dog and its master. The name itself gave the brand more of a male nature, and we continued to elaborate it.

The design idea divides the package into two parts. The upper one features the photo of a young man with a dog. The image shows their honest partnership based on equality and mutual respect. Different types of foods (for bigger and smaller dogs) are illustrated by different breeds.

The lower part is filled with easily understandable infographics as well as one of the constants in our concept – attractive food styling which is unusual for this category.

To emphasize the male nature of the brand, we used black and white colours, laconic block lettering, and infographics.














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Featured on Package Inspiration
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