art direction & graphic design : Martin Lavielle
Photography: At the design table
illustrations : Nono Ampuy
distillery : L’Eau des vivants


L’eau des vivants is a traditional distillery created by Florent Vilisques and installed in a small Beaujolais town (Lamure-sur-Azerges). He carries on, since years, experiments on uncompromising, true and originals tastes and perfumes. Particular attention is paid to each ingredient. They are carefully chosen and used, with the idea of keeping a consistency with the local habits, and the regional species.
In order to account for this fineness and this authenticity, we have elaborated a complete and illustrated artistic direction. It was important to shout at passionate people by a strong typographic message while counterbalancing with elegant details in illustrations. Theses graphical contrasts bring deepness and a level of lecture to better discover the different levels of ingredients that composes the bottle. Each range is worked with a different colour and illustrated universe in order to have its’ own identity. This is a collective and creative approach which allowed the collaboration between several types of job to bring life to these products! Cheers!


L’Eau des Vivants distillery

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