Company “” is engaged in manufacturing of bouquets bespoke, carrying out master classes of floristic, and also offers a wide choice of different gifts for occasion or just. Shower gels Le Bouquet – new project “”, which will joins the ranks of other pleasant things in store. This bouquet will be a gift for woman’s boudoir, because in her environment should be always beautiful things, bright emotions and of course flowers!
Le Bouquet – bouquet of aromas in the shower gels with extracts of flowers and plants. In a base of concept is the image of a bouquet of flowers. Using full-color printing on transparent foil and circular pasting bottles help to create volumetric image of flowers staying in water.
Now line includes a bouquet of white roses, lavender bouquet and bouquet of olive branches.
Designed by: Viewpoint branding agency, Russia, Moscow.           2013
Le Bouquet

Le Bouquet

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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