Looking to expand their specialty offerings, I worked with Lambertville Trading Company to create a new product that incorporated two varieties of their delicious coffee with chocolate from Bucks County, Pennsylvania’s Naked Chocolate. Influenced by the historical use of LTC’s location as a pharmacy/soda fountain in the late 1800′s, my goal was to make these chocolates feel special, considered, and unique, and in keeping, each bar is made by hand in small batches and individually wrapped.
The chocolate is available in two styles, a 38% milk with a light roasted coffee and a 72% dark with a dark roasted coffee, each lending their unique flavor characteristics to the bars.
Designed by Physical Pixel, USA.
Lambertville Trading Company
Lambertville Trading Company2
Lambertville Trading Company3
Lambertville Trading Company4
Lambertville Trading Company5

Lambertville Trading Company

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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