For this project, we were asked to take an existing product and redesign the packaging. I was inspired by the overall idea of Department 56 being the leader brand in the arts and craft, giftware, collectibles and holiday decorating industry; it is best known for their handcrafted lighted villages. However, this concept was born when I asked myself the purpose of buying something that was only going to be used at Christmas. The idea of this new packaging, besides following the arts and craft brand’s essence, is to allow the client to reuse and recycle the product all year long; therefore, the box can be manually transformed into a lamp.
Designed by Valentina Llorente, Venezuela.
Department 56
Department 56 2
Department 56 3
Department 56 4
Department 56 5
Department 56 6
Department 56 7
Department 56 8

Department 56

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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