Based on the idea of free time the thought of the well-being of a woman came up, focusing specifically on all those working mothers who barely have any free time for themselves. By relating the issue of working mothers with free time, we decided to create beauty products that substitute that time off that these women don’t have, whilst criticizing the society of high consume in which we live and believe that everything can be bought.
So we created an impossible product, that any of these women that we are focusing on, have desired at some point in their lives. Although the idea is to make fun of this society of high consume, the products are as realistic as possible in terms of presentation, aesthetics and even the advertising for it.
Designed by: Nicole Mcleish, Spain.
The Time Off
The Time Off 2
The Time Off 3
The Time Off 4
The Time Off 5
The Time Off 6
The Time Off 7
The Time Off 8
The Time Off 9

The Time Off Company

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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