The Juice Truck is Vancouver’s premier Cold-Pressed Juice company. Glasfurd & Walker have worked with the Juice Truck since the inception of the company in 2011 on all design and brand touch points from identity, packaging, marketing, web, the truck itself and most recently, their new shop. 

The interior design is an extension of The Juice Truck brand – brightly coloured walls, fruit-inspired art and wallpaper and clean / modern furniture and lighting create a fun and inviting space for the community and customers. A juice bar and community space comprise the front space, with a full commissary and production space in the back.

The studio handled all areas of the project creative development including overall interior design direction, art direction and curation of custom artwork, custom furniture, installation & wallpaper design, signage, website design & development and packaging for in house products. 
Designed by: Glasfurd and Walker, Canada.
The Juice Truck
The Juice Truck2
The Juice Truck3
The Juice Truck4
The Juice Truck5
The Juice Truck6
The Juice Truck7
The Juice Truck8
The Juice Truck9
The Juice Truck10
The Juice Truck11
The Juice Truck12
The Juice Truck13
The Juice Truck14
The Juice Truck15
The Juice Truck16

The Juice Truck

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