In Good Health is a brand of muesli aimed at your average, middle-class consumer. Nowadays, a lot of people are aiming to be much more conscious of their health, and what they are putting into their bodies. Muesli is a great addition to anyone’s day. High in fiber, and vitamins; it is guaranteed to start your day off correctly. It is based on the recipe created by the Swiss in the early 1900s, using dry oats and various dried fruits, nuts and seeds. It can be mixed with milk or yogurt! In Good Health promotes healthy nutrition through making its’ consumers aware of the valuable nutrition packed into each serving of muesli through illustrations on the package. Additionally, it makes measuring these servings easy by having the lid serve the dual purpose of also equaling exactly one serving! Through In Good Health’s playful illustration, healthy nutrition, and easily used packaging; it is sure to break into the breakfast cereals market with ease!
Designed by: Ashley Hohnstein, USA.
In Good Health Muesli
In Good Health Muesli1
In Good Health Muesli2
In Good Health Muesli3
In Good Health Muesli4
In Good Health Muesli5
In Good Health Muesli6
In Good Health Muesli7

In Good Health Muesli

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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