Chios Gardens turned to 2yolk to create the packaging design of the new range of NFC (not-from-concentrate) juices. Our mission was to showcase the superior quality of the product which is achieved by using simpler production methods such as… squeezing.
So a parcel of fruits sent by “recorded delivery’ from Chios island to the chilled juice aisle highlights the freshness of the juice and its origin.
The difference on the shelf was dramatic, accentuating the product’s freshness in comparison with concentrated juices, while the simplicity and honesty of describing “12 oranges pure squeezed and packed in Chios” marks Chios Gardens out as a small local producer.
Designed by: 2yolk, Greece.
Chios Gardens
Chios Gardens2
Chios Gardens3
Chios Gardens4
Chios Gardens5
Chios Gardens6
Chios Gardens7
Chios Gardens8
Chios Gardens9
Chios Gardens10

“Chios Gardens” NFC Juices

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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