Agency: Moloko Creative Design Agency


Project: Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd – is a large Japanese oil company. OBKstandart, LLC is an official dealer of Idemitsu motor oils in Belarus.

Task: To develop the network, it was necessary to create a unique gift for partners that would highlight the Japanese roots of the brand.

Solution: We decided to create a craft souvenirs for partners and present a unique Japanese story and sushi. For this we made a package in the form of three towers, in construction like the Idemitsu tower, which houses the company’s headquarters. The images show a vibrant and fulfilling life, and sushi is a traditional Japanese dish that is familiar to everyone. In this way we were able to leave a piece of Japan to each partner.

More than one model was developed in the process of creating optimal packaging, but we found the ideal shape that would reflect our idea.
Another design feature of this packaging is that it is made of paper, because care for the environment is one of the company’s principles. It is also important that such packaging is convenient to use.

The illustrations on the packaging of the corporate gift reflect the multifaceted culture of Japan and attract attention. These are vivid sketches of life in Japan, created with humor and creativity. Here you can see references to tradition, history and culture and, of course, sushi. The images are interesting to study and see into.

We chose bright, saturated colors for the illustrations to create a sense of celebration and emphasize positive emotions.


Idemitsu Towers

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