Since an incredible field of fresh wild garlic grows in our garden every springtime,
I was stung to deal with the garlicky plant in a creative way. After finishing my
bachelor thesis I had some time doing stuff I had always wanted to do. So finally
this project is one of those. It combines my passions: graphic design, cooking
and fresh seasonal and regional home made food. The graphic design captures
the contrast of spring: powerful green of early flowering plants and exhausted
brown of the end of the hard winter months. All used materials of packaging and
product are eco-friendly materials like recycled cardboard, paper or jute string.
Designed by: Ricarda Schweigler, Austria.
Wild Garlic Salt & Pesto
Wild Garlic Salt & Pesto2
Wild Garlic Salt & Pesto3
Wild Garlic Salt & Pesto4
Wild Garlic Salt & Pesto5
Wild Garlic Salt & Pesto6
Wild Garlic Salt & Pesto7
Wild Garlic Salt & Pesto8
Wild Garlic Salt & Pesto9
Wild Garlic Salt & Pesto10
Wild Garlic Salt & Pesto11
Wild Garlic Salt & Pesto12

Wild Garlic Salt & Pesto

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