This project was a personal piece I made for class. The piece is a Micro Brew packaging design; A four pack of beer along this the carrying box they come in.I decided to go with some what of a simplistic way of bottling. This is shown in the label and my choice of cap (cork). I believe that these elements along with the simple design of the packaging are suitable for what i was trying to achieve, which was to create a packaging that makes the individual want to interact with it, this is done so by drawing the viewer in with the non conventional material like the label and cork. 
Designed by: Alexandros Clufetos, USA.
Hopstache Double Ipa2
Hopstache Double Ipa3
Hopstache Double Ipa4
Hopstache Double Ipa5
Hopstache Double Ipa6
Hopstache Double Ipa7
Hopstache Double Ipa8
Hopstache Double Ipa9

Hopstache Double Ipa

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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