Product: Creamed honey with berries and dried fruit.

Client: A major Russian producer and distributor of honey.

Task: Design jar labels that are unconventional while conveying the contents in a clear & fun manner. Solution: Playful characters – fruits and berries in bee costumes – are central to the design of the packaging. Customers are drawn to the product by characters that are active, lively, and enjoying themselves. The characters can be seen waving and looking up from the jar lids so that even if the jars are on the lower shelves of a store, customers are attracted to them.

Designed by: Masha Ponomareva, Russia.


Honey + Berries

Honey + Berries2

Honey + Berries3

Honey + Berries4

Honey + Berries5

Honey + Berries6

Honey + Berries7

Honey + Berries8

Honey + Berries9

Honey + Berries10


Honey + Berries

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