The goal of this project is to choose a theme and create a series of packaging designs for water bottles.
For this project, I was told to design a series of water bottles based on a theme I like. I chose to do holy water bottles, but not in a normal way. Everyone has inner devils to beat. This is why we need holy water. I named the water 666 which is Satan’s birthday. In the design, a sword is thrust into the number 666 to symbolize beating the devil. I designed seven different, but similar labels to reflect the seven sins. Each label has a pattern that matches the feeling of one particular sin. I chose a red and black color scheme to convey dark feelings. This water is not aimed towards a general audience, but only for those who are interested in this topic.
Designed by: Manjia Zhao, USA.
Holy Water1
Holy Water
Holy Water3
Holy Water7
Holy Water6
Holy Water5
Holy Water4

Holy Water

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