This design was for Hedgehog Toffee, a start-up company selling homemade toffee in the Seattle area. I developed the company’s logo, packaging, and website. The aim was to create a brand that appealed to all ages and was playful yet clean— a look that would stand out at local farmers markets.
Designed by: Brianna Ailie, USA.
Hedgehog Toffee
Hedgehog Toffee2
Hedgehog Toffee3
Hedgehog Toffee4
Hedgehog Toffee5
Hedgehog Toffee6
Hedgehog Toffee7
Hedgehog Toffee8
Hedgehog Toffee9
Hedgehog Toffee10
Hedgehog Toffee11
Hedgehog Toffee12
Hedgehog Toffee13
Hedgehog Toffee14

Hedgehog Toffee

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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