Breakfast Game – Egg package design
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Design Theme
This is a design project which consists of three parts: package design, still-life photography and advertisement campaign. All parts aim at promoting the newly designed egg package design – promotes and emphasising the importance of having breakfast, together with the new package.

Design Concept | package design
“Breakfast game” is a egg package design which can be put on the dining table and encourage people to have breakfast every morning. People can spin the box and choose the door of egg that they would like to have on that morning, and cook the egg with the corresponding food that was labeled on the door of the box, such as beans, waffle and milk etc. The shapes of the doors and handles are in an egg shape in order to coherent with the egg packaging and also increate its playfulness.
Design Concept | still-life photography
I want my package can raise people’s awareness on having a full breakfast everyday and emphasize the important of it, as many people nowadays ignored the importance of having a full breakfast everyday and always finish it quickly and casually. So for the concept and mood of the still-life photography would be warm, energetic, representing the message that having full breakfast will be the good morning to start off the day.

The collection of photos was themed warm and energetic atmosphere of breakfast time, yet in a cleaner and friendlier way.  Some props for breakfast such as tablecloth, cutlery and all-day breakfast were displayed with the egg package. In order to show interaction between the eggs, the package and the breakfast, some shots were made to show the playful and energetic mood, such as the photo which shows the door of beans with a cup of real beans.
Design Concept | advertising campaign
The theme of the advertisement campaign is warm, to raise the importance of having a full breakfast every morning, and to feel like having a better morning with full breakfast and to give a warm and energetic feeling.

For the magazine advertisement concept would be warm, fresh, playful and energetic. The target audiences of the advertisement are families with children and working class, hoping that to remind them the importance and fun that breakfast on table brought them.

For the poster book, the concept would be warm, fresh, energetic and friendly as well, it would be coherent with magazine advertisement in order to make it the same promoting series. The book would introduce and emphasise the featured gimmick of the package – breakfast game, by presenting in a recipe format. The poster would be the conclusion of the book and make people feel more interested in eating full breakfast.

Designed by: Kwan Emily, Hong Kong.


Breakfast Game

Breakfast Game2

Breakfast Game3

Breakfast Game4

Breakfast Game5

Breakfast Game6

Breakfast Game7

Breakfast Game8

Breakfast Game9

Breakfast Game10

Breakfast Game11

Breakfast Game12

Breakfast Game13

Breakfast Game14

Breakfast Game16

Breakfast Game17

Breakfast Game18




Breakfast Game – Egg package design

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