Heat Wave Premium Pepper Sauces is a conceptualized hot sauce brand. The name emphasizes the range of flavors that the brand offers. When designing the packaging I wanted an eye-catching color scheme with a different color assigned to each flavor, so that each flavor could be distinguished solely by it’s designated color. The design of the box is made in one piece which is then divided into two by a wave-line. The two pieces expose a rich gold paper underneath, which serves as the tight container for the actual hot sauce bottle. Some unique elements of the outer box design are the flame die-cuts on each size, the subtle blue pattern on the bottom segment, and the playful type treatment. The whole design is festive and eclectic. Because of the loud colors and unique paper choices I opted to design a simple and clean wood point-of-purchase display, that allows the packages to speak for themselves.
Designed by: Ashleigh Farrar, Italy.
Heat Wave
Heat Wave2
Heat Wave3
Heat Wave4
Heat Wave5
Heat Wave6
Heat Wave7
Heat Wave8
Heat Wave9
Heat Wave10

Heat Wave Premium Pepper Sauces

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