Designed by: Tanya Dunaeva
Tutors: Leonid Slavin & Evgeny Razumov


Hydrogel is a high-tech product of the XXI century, which can be used independently as a substrate for growing plants. It absorbs water 100-200 times more than its own weight, together with water it is able to absorb and give off liquid fertilizers. The use of hydrogel as an independent soil for growing indoor plants can solve a number of problems.
Firstly, the hydrogel is suitable for those people who do not like to dig in the ground and believe that the earth in the house is a constant dirt – the hydrogel keeps the house clean.
Secondly, hydrogel saves natural resources: water, peat, sand, etc.; it retains moisture for a long time and plants grown in hydrogel need to be watered only a few times a month.
Also, the hydrogel looks unusual in the interior-thanks to its multi-colored color, it can perfectly fit into any interior. The shape of the hydrogel granules can be different. My ruler shows the shape of a ball and a cube. This is reflected in the design of the package: the entire surface of the package is covered with a congreve embossed in the form of a circle or square.
The product itself is illustrated during use: the color and shape of the hydrogel are shown in a pot with a flower, which is located on the front of the package. All other necessary information is shown on the back.
The concept presents two packaging formats – dosage for one pot, for 1 liter in a sachet bag and dosage for several pots, 10 sheets in a cardboard tube.
All materials are selected as environmentally friendly as possible in order to cause the least harm to the environment.
Special thanks should be delivered to Russian Higher School of Economics (HSE Art and Design School) and personally to Packaging tutor Evgeny Razumov & to Leonid Slavin, head of Art direction MA Program.


Hydrogel for sustainable gardening

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