Agency: BE DANDY


A phenomen on identity promising a voyage of the soul

A narrative approach to liqueur

Since it began, H.THEORIA has defied the conventions of the liqueur market with its novel ingredients and skill at blending. We drew on these distinctive features to identify the H.THEORIA experience, which we then made central to its positioning and identity. The liqueur range was reworked so each bottle would visually embody the journey of the senses that its flavour allows. The agency was assigned to work on the brand strategy through a brand platform; on the visual identity by reworking the brand and bottles; and on the verbal identity with a manifesto and brand message.
The strength of H.THEORIA we identified, is the narrative value of each liqueur thanks to the blend of different ingredients: sometimes it’s the countryside finding its way into an old family home, sometimes it’s the sunshine on skin at high noon. A narrative, alchemical DNA that we chose to keep in the brand’s verbal and visual identity. Its tone is imbued with mystery, its monogram flirts with esotericism, the colours invoke depth and its visuals convey hybridity and free association.
H.THEORIA’s creative know-how thus lies at the heart of its identity.



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